What Does the Tik Tok Joke About “How Long Does a Tall Person Live” Mean? An Explanation of Viral Meme


Think about the average lifespan of humans and tall people in particular.

The users of the video-sharing app TikTok took it upon themselves to investigate, and the supposed solution has since become a viral meme.

How long do emos live? and How long do idiots live? were popular jokes on TikTok before the current fad of asking, “How long does a tall person live?”

The popularity of “How Long Does a Tall Person Live?” Joke on Tiktok

You can find a number of articles about the typical lifespan of tall people if you do a search for “How long does a tall person live?” However, not all search engine users had the same experience.

Users of the video-sharing platform TikTok are discussing the divergent responses they received to a single query.

Most people had a suggested age range of 12–15 years. It’s not possible that all teenagers died within the first 15 years of their lives because then there wouldn’t be any tall teenagers. But the response has divided internet opinion.

The trend of saying “I will never forget you” is becoming increasingly popular. The “I’ll never forget you” meme spread rapidly after the “How long does a tall person live?” joke.

Because of This New Prank

TikTokers are contacting their tall, 12- to 15-year-old friends and relatives to show them the results.

what does the tik tok joke about "how long does a tall person live" mean? an explanation of viral meme

Pranksters on TikTok are often accompanied by the song “Never Forget You,” which was written and performed by Zara Larsson and MNEK. Most people on the other end of the line have no idea that the question “How long does a tall person live?” is meant to be ironic.

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Analyzing the “How Long Do Emos and Idiots Live” Joke

Life expectancy tracking for the tall still makes sense if done right, but what about the emos and idiots? The solution provided by Google is incorrect, though.

Google provided some users with the answers 12–15 years for the life span of fools and 10–17 years for emos.

The fact that these findings are obviously false has helped the prank go viral on the ByteDance-owned social media network.

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