What Is Ghostface Cult on Tiktok? Ghostface, a Creature from “Scream,” Is Widespread on Tik Tok!

Once in a while, a new cult emerges on TikTok, leaving users wondering where the fad originated.

If you hear the phrase “cult” on TikTok, don’t think of the scary things you see in the movies; it merely means a group of individuals who use the app together and have similar beliefs.

We’ve recently witnessed the Step Chicken’s Cult, identified by their signature blue profile photo, the Lana Cult, and most recently, the Menace Cult. The Ghostface Cult is the latest cult to gain control of the popular video-sharing platform TikTok.

The Ghostface Cult on Tiktok: What Is It?

It has become fashionable to alter one’s profile image to that of Ghostface, a character from the Scream franchise.

Already, many individuals have joined in on the trend by posting their own movie-themed photos and clips on social media in the run-up to Halloween.

There are also films of folks dressing up as the terrifying creature and posting them on TikTok. Another factor in the timing of this cult’s birth is the upcoming release of a new Scream film in theatres in the first month of 2022.

The Right Way to Participate in The Movement

Changing your profile image to that of the character Ghostface is a must if you want to fit in with the crowd. The next step is to upload a video related to the fad and share it with the world using the hashtags #ghostface and #ghostfacecult.

What Is Ghostface Cult on Tiktok? Ghostface, a Creature from "Scream," Is Widespread on Tik Tok

To celebrate the Scream franchise, attendees can dress as Ghostface or post related memes.

Numerous TikTokers join cults on a regular basis in an effort to boost the visibility of their profiles and attract more fans.

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How Did This Begin, Anyway?

According to reports, @ghostface4670 was the first user to initiate the trend on TikTok.

On October 22, 2021, the user uploaded the first Ghostface cult video, marking the beginning of a new contest.

There have been reports from TikTokers claiming hundreds or even thousands of additional followers as a result of them jumping on the bandwagon.

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