What Is the Answer to The ‘At A Four-Legged Table’ Riddle – How Many Legs Are Under the Table?

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The table with four legs is only a trick to get you to think that you’ve solved a puzzle. Please refer to our detailed guide for assistance in answering this challenging puzzle.

As the world is currently on lockdown, we are all spending a lot more time at home than usual. We’ve all been forced to improvise means of amusement as a result.

In this day and age, many people choose passive forms of entertainment like streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, but others find that participating in puzzles, challenges, and brain teasers is a far more interesting way to pass the time.

What, exactly, is the solution to the baffling four-legged table enigma, one of the newest puzzles to arise on the Internet?

Four-Legged Table Riddle

This four-legged desk has the following components:

One grandma, two moms, two daughters, and one grandchild sit around a table with four legs. Do you know how many table legs are hidden beneath the surface?

what is the answer to the 'at a four-legged table' riddle - how many legs are under the table

How many legs are there, exactly? That looks like a lot. Where? At a table with four legs, of course!

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How Many Thighs Does that Table Have?

In total, the table rests on ten legs. You may be wondering, “How can this be?” Let us elaborate. First, the table itself tells us that there must be at least four people there, so that’s not the mystery. The mystery is in the number of people seated at the table.

There are only three persons, despite the appearance of six, therefore there are ten legs in total.

We have three mothers and daughters at this table because one grandma has a daughter and a grandchild, making a total of four generations of women represented.

The riddle just indicates that the three women are at the table; it does not specify that they are seated at the table. This could lead to the counterargument that there are 22 legs under the table if the women are using chairs with four legs each.

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