Where Was the Viral Video “Shark Joins Surfer on A Wave” Shot?

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On August 6, a video of a shark riding a wave and then jumping into the air with a surfer went popular online.

After watching the viral footage, many people were stunned by the shark’s acrobatic talents. A woman named Kaci Allen uploaded the video to the internet and explained that her son Ethan, whom she referred to only as “E,” who is now 15 years old, was involved in the incident while he was surfing.

Video Examined Shows Shark Riding with Surfer

Kaci Allen shared the clip and the photos on her social media accounts. During some downtime on the beach following her father’s death, she and her kid were photographed.

The delighted mother took out her camera to record her son’s surfing prowess, but when she watched the footage later, she saw that she had also recorded a shark jumping into the air.

where was the viral video "shark joins surfer on a wave" shot?

It’s clear that the shark surfaced when her son lifted his feet onto the board. In the surfer-shark confrontation, the surfer narrowly avoided being eaten.

Kaci says in an interview for Newsweek that she filmed on the beaches of South Carolina. The mother and son traveled all the way from Nashville, Tennessee, to be here for her father’s funeral.

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To What Kind of Shark Did the One You Saw Belong?

The Charlotte Observer, a local daily, confirmed that the shark seen in the internet sensation was a juvenile Spinner shark.

Spinner sharks, or Carcharhinus brevipinna as they are known in the scientific community, are a common sight off the coast of South Carolina. When foraging, they swirl in a vertical plane across the water. So, when it jumped out of the water behind the surfer, the shark was obviously after a meal.

According to Oceana, a conservation group, Spinner sharks are “fast and agile predators,” with young adults growing to be 6-10 feet in length.

In contrast to other sharks, this species feeds by leaping vertically out of the water for brief periods at a time. The Spinner shark is not a deep-sea swimmer like some other species.

They have been seen all around the world and are now being targeted by industrial fishermen. Because of this, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has added them to its Red List as a “near threatened” species.

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People’s Reactions to A Trending Video on The Internet

Many people on the internet commented on the surfer-and-shark footage. A number of responses are provided below.

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