Who Died and Stayed in Andor Episode 6? Explaining the Destiny of The Heist Crew

Andor’s first six episodes have followed a compelling three-episode pattern, with the first two episodes of each arc establishing the world and establishing our attachment to the characters, and the third episode bringing the tale to a head and showing us what really happens.

In Episodes 4 and 5, we see the Rebels prepare for their heist of an Imperial facility on the planet Aldhani, where they plan to take the payroll for an entire Imperial sector.

What happens to the various members of the heist crew and who dies in Andor episode 6 when the heist obviously doesn’t go as planned?

Summary of The Robbery as Told by Andor’s Seven

Episode 6 is the day of the robbery after the group has spent the previous two chapters plotting. The Imperial facility is located within a dam.

After infiltrating the facility while disguised as Imperial soldiers, Andor and his men wasted no time in putting their plan into action by kidnapping the commandant and his family.

who died and stayed in andor episode 6? explaining the destiny of the heist crew

To load the millions of credits onto the waiting cargo, the commandant and the rest of the gang head down into the vault, while Cinta stays in the control room to keep an eye on the captives.

But things get sticky when curious Corporal Kimzi, having overheard the crew’s radio chatter about the crime, leads a squad of troops down to the vault.

Several fighters on both sides are killed in the ensuing firefight, and the remaining members of the crew blow out of the facility on the credit-laden freighter.

Who Did We Lose and See Die in Andor Season 6?

In spite of Vel’s and his team’s best efforts over the course of several months, more than half of the Rebel crew perished during the theft.

Here Are Some of The People We Lost:

Gorn, Lieutenant | As the gunfire begins, the Imperial defector is the first to be hit and falls to the ground. However, the program does not dwell on this, which may imply that he was simply wounded. If this is the case, the Imperials will likely seek to punish him severely for his treachery by making an example of him.

Taramyn | In episode 6, he is revealed to be an ex-Stormtrooper, and he jumps out of cover to rescue Vel, only to be struck by an Imperial blaster bolt and left for dead as the group makes their escape.

who died and stayed in andor episode 6? explaining the destiny of the heist crew

During the episode’s climactic freighter escape, Nemik is tragically killed when he is pinned under a huge pallet of credits. The gang takes Nemik to an alien doctor, but he can’t be saved despite their best efforts.

Episode 6 cemented Skeen’s reputation as a dubious figure, which had been building since his introduction. He proposed splitting the heist’s profits with Andor and ditching Vel. Before the former inmate could return the favor, Cassian shot him.

Here Are the Lucky Ones Who Made It out Of the Theft Alive

We all know that Cassian Andor will make it out of Rogue One alive, so the heist itself isn’t as exciting as it might otherwise have been having he not survived.

Vel | The leader of the team, who spent months preparing for the heist, is devastated by the deaths of nearly all of her companions in the course of the theft, and she is still distrustful of Andor after he confessed to killing Skeen.

There was a blink and you missed it a moment as the lone survivor of the heist gang made his escape, as told by Cinta. While the crime is in action, she dons an Imperial uniform; after the gang escapes in the freighter, she exits the Imperial facility in a hurry as the spectacular Eye meteor show illuminates the night sky. There appears to be no way for her to leave the planet of Aldhani, therefore she may end up being captured by the Empire.

The Empire Has Already Begun Plotting Its Revenge

Dedra Meero and her fellow ISB agents are summoned by Major Partagaz in the last moments of episode 6.

who died and stayed in andor episode 6? explaining the destiny of the heist crew

They’ve been alerted to the Aldhani theft and must immediately go into action; Partagaz has given the ISB agents strict orders not to return home to their families or offices until substantial progress has been achieved in apprehending the heist gang.

With the ISB on the trail of Andor and the remaining crew members, the next few episodes promise to be tense. After making its debut on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, viewers may now watch Andor whenever and wherever they like on Disney+.

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