Who Has Kidnapped Darren in Hollyoaks? The Purpose of The Abduction Is Disclosed!

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After Darren disappeared for weeks, HOLLYOAKS viewers were desperate to learn who was responsible. It comes out that Darren has been kidnapped and is being held against his will by a pair of people. Detailed information follows.

Who on Hollyoaks Took Darren Hostage?

The disappearance of Ashley Taylor Dawson’s Darren has caused chaos for the show’s loyal fanbase. It was at first suspected to be either Fergus (Robert Beck) or Nate (played by Chris Charles).

After the pregnancy test argument, Darren sought advice from Luke (Gary Lucy), and Luke suggested he go buy jewelry for Nancy (Jessica Fox) as an apology present, which led to some finger-pointing. On Friday, November 26, 2021, members of the public learned that two strangers are holding Darren captive.

Ethan (played Matthew James-Bailey)

While details on Ethan are scarce, it is known that he was spotted holding up the jewelry store where Darren was working before his kidnapping.

It was revealed in a new episode of Hollyoaks airing on Monday, November 29, 2021, that Ethan had told Darren that he could never let him go, even if he wanted to. It’s because of his dedication to his love, Maya.

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Maya (played by Ky Discala)

Maya, Ethan’s girlfriend, has suddenly become a major source of stress for him. Maya also serves as Ethan’s superior at work.

She is a member of a very vicious crime family, and she has given Ethan orders to kill Darren. But it’s unclear why she wants to cut Darren out of her life.

For What Reason Has Darren Been Taken?

The next thing Darren knew, he was in a strange hotel room with tape holding his hands together. The stranger stood head and shoulders above him, holding a rifle. The kidnapping of this celebrity has prompted many of his followers to resort to Twitter to express their shock and outrage.

who has kidnapped darren in hollyoaks

Someone questioned, “Who the hell would kidnap Darren and why, exactly?” A second person questioned, “I don’t get it… why would somebody kidnap Darren and for what purpose?” Finally, on November 26, 2021, viewers of Hollyoaks learned the truth about who held up the jewelry store on the day Darren went missing: it was Maya and Ethan.

Because of his role as a witness, Darren became Maya’s prime objective. Darren begs Ethan to release him, but Maya shows she is less forgiving and willing to sever any ties.

Is Darren Going to Be Able to Get Back to The Safe Zone?

Whether Darren will survive or perish remains an open question. Darren has been tied to a chair by his captors. The captor threatened that Darren’s whereabouts would remain unknown and made him compose a “fare note.”

However, on Monday, November 29, it looked like Darren’s release was getting closer than ever. Luke followed Ste, Sienna, and Leela to one of their cleaning jobs at the hotel where Darren is being held captive after he discovered the location thanks to the phone tracker he had purchased.

As Leela approached the room where Darren was being held, Darren made a break for it, only to be pursued by an armed Ethan all the way to the kitchen. To his captor, Darren inquired, “Is this what you really want?” Have you had a murder charge involving a firearm on your mind?

For his part, Ethan warned that he would be met by Maya if he left the room. There is no way for anyone to locate you. If you leave your wife for another woman, you’ll be just another forgotten statistic.

Because of this, Darren was recaptured and the escape attempt was a failure. If he tried to escape again, Ethan said he would kill him. However, not all hope is lost; Luke saw Darren being pushed into the hotel elevator, despite Ste, Sienna, and Leela’s best efforts to dissuade him.

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Could Maya’s Wish Come True?

New episodes of Hollyoaks air on Channel 4 weeknights at 6:30 p.m.

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