Who Is Ronald Flowers? Here Is The Jeffrey Dahmer Survivor! We Have Updates!

True crime thriller The Jeffrey Dahmer Story follows the life of serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer.

The latest limited series from Netflix and Ryan Murphy is titled DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and it dramatizes the gruesome true story of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and his victims.

Throughout the series, viewers learn that police negligence and a thorough mishandling of all reports concerning the killer allowed Dahmer (played by Evan Peters) to get away with the murders for so long.

Who Exactly Is This Ronald Flowers Character?

In episode five of the Netflix show, Ronald Flowers (here referred to simply as “Ron”) is featured.

Flowers’ grandmother overheard her grandson’s attempted murder by Dahmer and stepped in to protect him. Flowers had been duped into returning to his grandmother’s house, where Dahmer had drugged him with a cup of coffee.

who is ronald flowers

Flowers recovers at the hospital and contacts the authorities. Dahmer was arrested, but he was able to trick the police into thinking they were in a relationship. Despite Dahmer’s history of sexual assault convictions, he is released when Flower’s report does not lead to any action.

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Ronald Flowers and Jeffrey Dahmer Apparently Met Through Some Mutual Acquaintance

Before meeting Dahmer in Milwaukee in 1988, Flowers had been residing in Lake County, Illinois. He was in town to see some pals and spent his evenings dancing at Club 219.

Flowers wanted to hurry home, but his car wouldn’t start, and by the time his companions returned, he was all alone.

Dahmer, ever the good Samaritan, steps in at this juncture, inviting Flowers to visit his grandma so they might borrow another vehicle to jump-start Flowers’.

Netflix’s TheCinemaholic claims that Flowers ran into Dahmer at the same club a year later, but that Dahmer denied knowing who Flowers was when confronted.

Another time, Flowers stops a Black man from getting into a car with Dahmer by telling him he’s “crazy.”

When It Comes to Netflix’s Show, Who Will Portray the Role of Ron Flowers?

Flowers is played by Dyllón Burnside, best known for his role as Ricky Evangelista in Pose.

A “challenging, emotional, and confronting” role in the Netflix series was described by the actor on Twitter.

who is ronald flowers

Without any interference from the authorities, he was able to take the lives of several innocent people, according to his caption. Of course, history will not forget them or their stories. Monster DAHMER: Midnight tonight, you may watch The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix. This one hit close to home and presented some tough, emotional questions. I pray that through sharing Ronald’s experience, others can find solace.

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Tell Me What He’s Said Since Then About It

Aside from one interview included in the DVD Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster, Flowers has avoided the media and spoken publicly only once about his experience.

He said being drugged by Dahmer was “sheer fear” and “a nightmare.”

He woke up in the hospital with a ligature mark around his neck and his underwear on backward, as he detailed in the documentary. Flowers drank the coffee, became disoriented, and passed out, saying, “The last thing I saw was the floor and his shoes.”

He alerted the police about the attack, but they told him “well it’s his word against your word.”

She continued, “I got up and yelled, ‘You’re going to catch this expletive one day,’ and I went out. I expected him to repeat this behavior. What I knew was an absolute certainty.

Flowers testified against Dahmer and said that he believes he would have been slain if it weren’t for Dahmer’s grandma.

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