Why Are My Instagram Messages Black and How to Correct the Error?

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Did you have a blackout on Instagram Direct Messages? Is it not unsettling to see a pitch-black message in your direct message? If you’re wondering, “Why are my Instagram messages blacked out?” then you’ve come to the right place! You have arrived at the correct destination then. To aid you, we are here.

One such site that provides and comes with a wide range of options is Instagram. Instagram, a social media site that helps users meet new people all around the world, is all the rage right now. Instagram has more than a billion monthly active users.

All Instagram Messages Are in All Caps

Errors with the Instagram app have been reported by thousands of users across the world this week. Many users are complaining that the text of direct messages from others is completely dark.

Users are unable to view the message because a mysterious black box keeps appearing over it. The problem prevents users from accessing Instagram’s chat features, which is a major inconvenience. Near midnight on Thursday, Twitter was swamped with news that Instagram was down (May 26th).

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Just What Is Going on Here?

In spite of the obvious app glitch, Instagram still seems to be experiencing a worldwide outage. Due to the recent update, Instagram is currently unavailable, thus messages will appear within a grey box.

why are my instagram messages black

Your phone and internet connection are fine; the problem is with Instagram. Outages are widespread on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because of the countless users they serve. Users have thankfully figured out how to resolve the bothersome bug.

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Turn Your Phone to Dark Mode

Switching to dark mode on your phone, as many Instagram users have discovered, restores readability to your direct messages. On an iPhone, tap the Settings icon, then go to Display & Brightness, and finally tap Dark.

You may now read your Instagram messages despite the screen being black. Hopefully, Instagram will have fixed the issue so you can return to light mode in a few hours.

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