Why Did Flight and Drea Split Up? Explaining the Entire Drama!


As of this writing, Flight and Drea are no longer together. In a video uploaded on March 21st, the YouTuber acknowledged the breakup with his girlfriend, whom he calls “Drea,” Andrea “Dreyahh” Gonzalez. Take a peek at the action that ensued right here.

Kimani “Flight” Kamiru-White is a YouTube personality who posts reactions to viral videos. He currently has more than 4.6 million followers. Moreover, he has 2.5 million people that follow him on Instagram. Flight’s ex-girlfriend Drea was a regular partner in his pair of Fortnite games.

Flight Explains Drama and Discusses Dream Theater

Drea wanted to chat with Flight while he was live-streaming a reaction to the new track by rapper DDG on March 19. The YouTuber asked Drea to hold off until he finished his work before they could talk.

She was not pleased with the negative response. Drea took action, declaring, “I told you, quit embarrassing me.” Stop messing with me like that. Afterward, she cut off the live broadcast.

why did flight and drea split up? explaining the entire drama!

This caused several worried fans to wonder if Flight was okay. After the event, Drea tweeted that she and her boyfriend were getting along nicely. As she explained on Twitter on March 20: “I warned y’all we’d end up together. This is a regular occurrence, lmao.

Eventually, Flight broke his silence and admitted that their relationship was deteriorating rapidly.

A screenshot of his tweet said, “Finally got her outta my crib after 5+ hrs being held hostage she wouldn’t leave doesn’t believe sh*t that was posted.” I’m still on my own, I’ll have an explanation video up as soon as possible, and all your negative vibes should be sent elsewhere.

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Flight and Drea’s Breakup: Why?

As promised, Flight published an official video on March 21 to clarify the situation. He uploaded it to his channel NotYourAverageFlight on YouTube with the description “Single… The CRAZIEST Women I EVER Met Story!”

He then went on to say, “This is not the first time she has done sh*t like this,” in reference to Drea. This isn’t meant to be a video attacking Andrea. In reality, Andrea is an excellent female human being.

She really is a kind person at her core. She is, without a doubt, psychotic and completely insane. My impression is that she has issues in her own life that she is not ready to discuss or is trying to project onto me. In other words, she was never a cheater or anything like that.

‘The reason for splitting up is that she is too psycho, manipulative, and controlling,’ he went on. To have a woman, or anyone else, have authority over me is like trying to control a lovely boss a**. You can’t keep me from being a king, a boss, or a hard worker; I have too much power over my feelings for that.

This is not the first time Flight and Drea had clashed, as Flight admitted. He elaborated that their relationship had failed because of her insecurity.

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