Why the Instagram Photo Dump Trend Is so Popular?

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In recent weeks, an Instagram fad known as “Add Yours” has gained significant traction.

It entails posting an Instagram Story image with an appropriate caption and then challenging your followers to do the same.

‘October Dump’ is the most recent trending caption, but where can you get your hands on one of those stickers?

To join in the current internet craze, please refer to the following instructions.

Who or What Is Behind the “October Dump” Trend?

The ‘October Dump’ trend on Instagram involves posting multiple photos to your Story that were taken in the month of October.

Photos from Halloween, a night in with friends, a trip to the mall, or a stroll through the fall countryside are all fair game. It’s fashionable to tell the world about your October activities.

After selecting your photographs, you may add a shared Instagram sticker reading “Your October Dump” to your Story to show that you are participating in this fad.

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Where to Look for The Label

Enter “JypsyFix” into Instagram‘s search bar and visit his page.

Then, select the first Story bubble to highlight, where you should see the words “Instagram Stories.”

why the instagram photo dump trend is so popular

Browse to the sticker that reads “Your October Dump,” and then click “Add Yours” to add it to the collection.

Inserting the sticker into your narrative at this time. To go with the sticker, pick an October photo to publish.

Post it to your Instagram Tale.

Stickers that You Make Yourself Are Possible

It’s simple to initiate your own sticker-sharing fad.

Making a new Instagram Story is all that’s required. Then, look for a sticker that reads “Add Yours,” which should be near the top of the sticker page.

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A sticker will then instruct you to add a caption. “Who are you in love with?” and “Your best sunset” are two of the most frequently asked questions.

The options, though, are practically limitless, so let your imagination go wild.

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