Will Rick Grimes Return in Season 11- Officially Revealed by The Walking Dead


Will Andrew Lincoln return as Rick Grimes for the series finale of The Walking Dead, which will be the final episode of the eleventh season?

Fans will be devastated when the long-running AMC series The Walking Dead finally comes to an end later this year. When the show finally ends its phenomenal run, it will certainly feel like the end of an era, as it has been a staple of the cable network’s schedule, television, and popular culture for almost a decade.

The eleventh season of the show is presently airing, and when we say “airing,” we mean airing. After its premiere in August of last year, the show ran for eight episodes every week until October, when it went on hiatus. The show came back in February, aired eight episodes, and went on hiatus again in April. Only eight more episodes of The Walking Dead remain after the airing of season 11 part 3 later this year.

Who knows, though, if the show’s original host will return for the final episode of The Walking Dead. It would be fitting to see Andrew Lincoln, who has played Rick Grimes for the duration of the show’s run, return for the series finale. Can we even count on it?

In season 11 of The Walking Dead, will Rick Grimes make an appearance?

After much speculation, Rick Grimes and Michonne’s homecoming has been revealed on The Walking Dead in an unexpected manner. At the final panel for The Walking Dead at San Diego Comic-Con International on Friday, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira shocked their former co-stars with a piece of startling news.

It was planned that Rick and Michonne will return for many films explaining why Rick was taken by the CRM organization. Instead, in 2023, a six-episode miniseries starring Lincoln and Gurira will bring Rick and Michonne back together to conclude their own arcs. I can’t wait to put on my cowboy boots again,” Lincoln told the Comic-Con crowd.

Lincoln and Gurira, both of whom are likely to executive produce and appear in this yet-unnamed limited series, will be overseen by Scott M. Gimple, Chief Content Officer of The Walking Dead Universe.

“This is a moment fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting for since Rick left in the helicopter at the beginning of season nine and Michonne set out on a quest to find him the following season,” Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios for AMC Networks, stated today.

“What a fantastic treat for viewers at the last Comic-Con appearance of the show that established this universe and changed the course of television. We can’t wait for the truly epic series conclusion later this year, and for Andy and Danai to return in one of the three spinoffs of The Walking Dead that will premiere in 2023 and continue the story of so many beloved characters.”

Considering that Daryl is receiving his own spin-off and that Maggie and Negan will be traveling to New York City in Isle of the Dead, it’s possible that additional Walking Dead characters may make cameo appearances in this limited series.

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Does anyone know whether there are plans to make more Rick Grimes movies?

Following Andrew Lincoln’s departure from The Walking Dead, it was announced that a movie franchise based on Rick Grimes will be developed to show where his character went after the show ended.

will rick grimes return in season 11

Fans were thrilled to learn that Rick would have a future and that the TWD universe would continue to grow (with further TV series), but it’s been a while since the movies were announced and there has been very little news about them since then. Is it safe to assume that they have stopped?

From what Lincoln said in the same interview with SFX Magazine last year, it seems like progress is being made. The fact that he has committed to producing multiple films is even more thrilling. It has taken so long because of the pandemic and because everyone involved wants to make sure the first one is perfect.

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