Wordle Word 18 June 2022: See Today Wordle Word Updated Answers, Hints, and Solutions

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We’re only one day away from the big 3-6-5, and Wordle is still sweeping the internet.

This has a higher production value than browsing through social media at the very least. In any case, you’ve come to obtain the Wordle hints and answer for June 18, so you’re covered. Just a warning: today’s Wordle has the potential to completely wipe out people’s records!

Wordle Suggestions for the 18th of June

wordle word 18 june 2022

Here are a few clues that should guide you to the correct answer, or something close to it, for today’s question.

This phrase refers to a certain sort of chocolate seed.

It’s a noun we’re talking about here.

The initial letter of this word is a consonant.

Two separate vowels appear in this word.

One of these vowels is repeated, totaling three vowels.

The initial consonant is also utilized again.

Wordle 364 Answer

If the suggestions above aren’t sufficient, or if you simply want the answer, it will be provided below.

CACAO is the correct answer to the June 18 Wordle.

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How Does Wordle Work, and What Is It?

Wordle is a daily word guessing game where you get six chances to guess the word of the day. Remember that each word in the game includes five letters, so keep that in mind while you come up with solutions.

Start with a word with all unique letters when attempting to guess your first word. Because the letters in each word are returned to you in three colors as you enter more words, this is a good approach to employ. The letter turning grey in your term indicates that it does not exist, so you know not to use it in future efforts.

Although the letter you used in your word is present in the word of the day, it is required elsewhere due to its position. Finally, the colour green signals that the term you’re looking for is exactly where it should be.

Why are there two Wordle outcomes on some days?

Wordle’s premise is that everyone, no matter where they are in the world, is working on the same puzzle and getting the same answer. The puzzle game will occasionally accept two correct solutions on the same day, despite the fact that this appears to be against Wordle rules.

Following its acquisition of Wordle earlier this year, the New York Times began making improvements, and this is the outcome. Reload your browser before playing to ensure that you get the same puzzle as everyone else – don’t worry, your streak will be saved.

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