Wordle Word 22 May 2022: Hints, Clues And Answers For Today Wordle Word

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May 22, 2022, Wordle answer 337 has been released. As a common word and letter, today’s solution should be rather easy to decipher. Do you require some advice? In today’s world, there are two vowels in positions 2 and 4: Are you still looking for help? Wordle 337’s answer is here.

What is Wordle and How to play it?

It is a daily challenge for players to predict a new five-letter word in Wordle, a word puzzle game. There are a total of six guesses per player. The color of the word boxes changes after each guess to signify whether or not you correctly guessed the word.

Those who correctly guess the word within the six attempts offered are granted a Wordle rating.

What is the Wordle answer on May 22, 2022

“MONEY” is now the Wordle answer to 337.

“MONEY” is a noun that describes “a current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes; coins and banknotes collectively.” (Oxford Languages definitions)

Most gamers should be able to figure out “MONEY” without too much difficulty. The “O” and the “E” should be the first to be found because many of the initial suggestions include vowels. It’s possible to estimate the “N” and “M” next, although it may require a few guesses. With only four of the five letters known, players may be able to predict the word. “Y” is the most difficult letter to identify.


With each guess, those who are struggling to come up with the proper solution can try to delete most letters. You should try to eliminate as many probable letters as you can with each new guess if you aren’t playing on Hard Mode, which requires players to use confirmed guesses in subsequent attempts.

Find more Wordle puzzles in our collection here. Then check out this instruction on how to play the past, present, and future games. Retrying the problem in Incognito mode or clearing your browser’s cookies will also work.

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How Do I Play a Previous Wordle Game?

Wordle game puzzles are easy to solve if you follow these steps. There are a number other Wordle-like games that offer a variety of puzzles throughout the day, so be sure to take a look at those as well.

How Many Wordle Attempts Do You Have?

wordle play game

Six tries are allotted for each word of the day.

New Wordle: How Do I Get It?

When the clock strikes 12:00 midnight in your time zone, you’ll be presented with a new Wordle puzzle!

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