Wordle Word 3 July 2022: See Today’s Wordle Answer

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For July 3, 2022, Wordle’s answer 379 is now known. A repeat consonant makes today’s response another challenging one. Thank goodness, more players ought to be familiar with it now that it’s a more widespread term. Another cue is required? One vowel is in position 2 and the other is in position 4 in the word we’re using today. Do you still require assistance? The Wordle 379 solution is then provided.

Wordle answer 379: What is it? (July 3, 2022)

Currently, “LILAC” is the Wordle answer 379.

The word “LILAC” is defined as “a Eurasian shrub or small tree of the olive family, with fragrant violet, pink, or white blossom and is a favourite garden ornamental” or “a pale pinkish-violet tint.” Oxford Languages definitions are used here.

The repeated “L” letter makes “LILAC” challenging primarily. Getting five out of five letters locked down is exceedingly challenging because the majority of players don’t take duplicate letters into account while making their initial predictions. The two vowels should, at the very least, ease the situation, so that is a plus.

wordle word 3 july 2022

Try removing as many wrong letters as you can with each new guess if you’re finding it a little too difficult to identify the right term. It’s advisable to utilise every fresh guess to eliminate as many potential letters as you can, provided you aren’t playing on Hard Mode, which forces players to use confirmed guesses in all subsequent attempts.

For today, are you looking for any additional Wordle puzzles? To learn how to play the games from yesterday, today, and tomorrow, go to this guide. Open an Incognito tab or clear your browser’s cookies to start fresh if you want to try again with today’s problem.

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Where and how may it be played?

At this time, Wordle is only available online. Visiting www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle will allow you to view it. A grid of six white, blank boxes, each measuring five by six pixels, can be found on the Wordle website. You need to enter a five-letter word to guess the answer, according to Mashable, because each box can only accommodate one letter.

Any five-letter word might be the initial guess because the first paragraph has no hints. After that, the actual Wordle game starts. Your guesses cause the colour of the box next to each letter to change. The letter was appropriately positioned if it turns green, indicating that it is in the daily word.

If it becomes yellow, the letter is in the world but is not where it should be. If the box changes to grey, the letter isn’t truly present in the word. It’s interesting how every day, everyone plays the same puzzle. Furthermore, Wordle employs US-English spellings rather than UK-English spellings, as has been brought up. The word to guess one day was “favour,” which outraged many Wordle gamers in the UK.

The official Wordle app is probably coming soon. Try to decipher one five-letter word per day until then by continuing to guess words online.

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