Wordle Word 30 June 2022: Check out The Today Wordle Answer!

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If you are looking for today’s Daily Wordle #376 (June 30, 2022) Answers, you have come to the right place. The latest Internet craze is a simple daily word puzzle that seems to have taken Twitter by storm. A lot of players around the world brag about their daily results by posting “Wordle in 4” or “Wordle in 5,” which means they solved the daily Wordle puzzle in only 4 or 5 steps. You can now play Wordle in different languages online at Wordle. gg.

Daily Wordle #376 Answers (June 30, 2022)


Overthrow NYT

The well-known online game was just bought by the New York Times, and the news was made public a few days ago. The game was first made available to the general public in October 2021.

Josh Wardle, who made Wordle, said that he would work with The New York Times to keep track of players’ previous wins and winning streaks if the game is moved to a new place. Once it moves to the Times’ website, Wordle “will initially stay free for both new and old players,” the paper says.

wordle word 30 june 2022

Wardle says in his announcement of the sale that running the hugely popular game has “been a little overwhelming,” especially since he is the only one who runs the whole thing. The New York Times says the price is “an undisclosed price in the low seven figures.”

Jonathan Knight, the general manager of The New York Times Games, said in the Times’ announcement that it had bought the game, “We could not be happier to become the new home and proud curators of this amazing game. It is a privilege to help Josh Wardle’s cherished creation reach more solvers in the months ahead.”

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Where can you play it, and how?

Wordle can only be used online at the moment. You can see it by going to www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle. When you go to the Wordle website, you will see a grid of five wide by six long blank white boxes. Mashable says that since each box can only hold one letter, you must enter a five-letter word to guess the solution.

Since the first paragraph gives no hints, a first guess could be any five-letter word. The real Wordle game begins at that point. Each letter’s box changes color when you send a guess. If it turns green, the letter is in the daily word and was placed correctly.

If it turns yellow, you have the letter in the word but in the wrong place. If the box turns grey, the letter isn’t actually in the word. Everyone plays the same puzzle every day, which is interesting. It has also been pointed out that Wordle uses US-English spellings rather than UK-English spellings. Many Wordle players in the UK were upset when the word to guess one day was “favor.”

Soon, Wordle is likely to get an official app. Continue guessing words online until then, trying to figure out one five-letter word each day.

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