Wordle Word August 13, 2022: Get Today Wordle Puzzle Solution and More Updates

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Here you can find all the solutions to today’s Daily Wordle #420 (August 13, 2022). A daily word puzzle that started out as something simple has taken Twitter by storm and become the next Internet sensation. A large number of gamers from all around the world are boasting that they can complete the daily Wordle puzzle in only 4 or 5 steps, respectively. Wordle.gg now has an online version of the game available in multiple languages.

Daily Wordle #420 Solution for August 13, 2022


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The people behind Wordle remain anonymous

Since its introduction at the end of 2020, many people have wondered who exactly was responsible for creating Wordle. Following his 2011 departure from Reddit, Josh Wardle created this word game for himself and a friend. He had this epiphany during a WhatsApp exchange with his loved ones.

wordle word august 13, 2022

Daily players number in the hundreds of thousands, and many have even created their own Wordle-inspired spinoffs. Two further types, Dordle and Quordle, ask you to predict even more words at once.

It’s wise to begin on a small scale and expand from there. Using these rules as a guide, you can get off to a good start, or as good a start as you can without knowing the exact phrases to use. Whenever feasible, it’s preferable to avoid using consonants like s, t, and r.

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