Wordle Word August 18, 2022: Get to Know Today Wordle Puzzle Solution


Hi All, Earlier today, I spent a few minutes trying to solve the Wordle for August 18th, 2022, and eventually did it after making a few educated guesses. I can now give you the word that could be the key to solving yours. That was just a quick summary of what I discovered while exploring Wordle 425. If you’ve exhausted all possible strategies and are now stuck on your final attempt, the solution can be found in this forum thread.

However, before I reveal the solution, I’d want to provide some context for today’s wordle entry

Wordle August 18th, 2022 Hints

The keyword you’re looking for begins with the letter t.
The flip side has a final G.
The middle letter of the word is: A

wordle word august 18 2022

These letters are in order, so if you’re still trying to figure out what the word is, I can help you out: AN
If you haven’t already, I suggest looking for the solution to your problem right here.

Wordle: August 18th, 2022 Answer


Any idea when Wordle Archive will be available again?

Previous Wordle puzzles were accessible to players until the New York Times removed them from the World Archive.

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I was wondering if Wordle has become more difficult recently

The majority of English words with 5 letters or fewer should be easy for you to learn. You can make Wordle more difficult by selecting the “hard” difficulty setting.

Why, on extremely rare occasions, do multiple people submit the same “correct” Wordle Answer? Since the New York Times now owns Wordle, it’s probable that there may be periodic updates, either to maintain political correctness in the case that a term is problematic or to avoid users from being irritated by solutions that are too esoteric.

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