Wordle Word August 21 2022: What Is Today’s Wordle Answer?

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Here you’ll find all the solutions to today’s (August 21, 2022) Daily Wordle #428. According to Twitter, the newest Internet craze is a daily word puzzle that requires no special skills or knowledge yet has already become incredibly popular. A large number of gamers from all around the world are boasting that they can complete the daily Wordle puzzle in only 4 or 5 steps, respectively. Visit Wordle.gg now to play Wordle in a variety of languages online!

Solution to Today’s Daily Wordle (428) (August 21st, 2022)


Recounting the Past of Games with Wordle

After its initial success as a “couple’s game,” Wardle’s family messaging app group began using Wordle as a means of communication. Released in October 2021, the game has already garnered 300,000 users by January 2nd, 2022.

wordle word august 21 2022

A tweet by Wardle in February 2022 claims that the game was sold to The New York Times. (NYT). Although he thanked everyone for their encouragement, he admitted in his statement that it had been too much. The sale price was reportedly in the “low 7-digit amount,” which is more than $1 million.

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How come Wordle is so common?

Wordle’s virality could be attributed to the game’s simple premise, intuitive interface, short play time, and social features. Wordle fans can easily involve their friends and family in the action by broadcasting the game on Twitter or other social networking sites, and their presence won’t have any effect on the game’s other participants.

There is a large and active online community of Wordle players that help one other out, utilise bots to speed up the game, and offer tips to those who want to beat their friends at the game.

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