Wordle Word July 12, 2022: See Today Wordle Answer and Many More Updates

We are happy to share with you below all the answers to today’s crossword clues for Wordle #388 (July 12, 2022). The latest Internet craze appears to be a simple daily word puzzle that has grabbed Twitter by storm. Many Wordle players boast about their daily accomplishments by posting “Wordle in 4” or “Wordle in 5,” indicating that they were able to complete the day’s Wordle problem in only four or five steps. Wordle.gg now lets you play in a variety of languages online.

Answers for the Wordle of the Day for July 12th, 2022


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There has been an update to New York Times Games’ Wordle

Picking a Wordle word is the first stage in the process. It must include at least five letters in order to be regarded as an actual English term, and it cannot be one of the words prohibited by NYTs due to their potential for offending.

Finish the website using the word you choose. The first step is to complete a 56-cell grid by filling in the first row.

Entering the key will alter the color of the letterbox Alternately, you could say that the green characters are exactly where they need to be. However, there is a problem with the word’s yellow characters, which are not in the correct place. These terrible dark characters won’t appear in the response at all. Extra guesses are now available for each player. A new puzzle is created every day at 12:00 p.m. local time.

wordle word july 12, 2022

It’s possible that Wordle’s menu will reveal your user data if you frequently use the same computer and browser. Your winning streak, your guess distribution, and more can all be shown in the app’s statistics section.

With the spoiler-free sharing option in this menu, you can share only the colors of the 56 Wordle grid. If you want to enter the Wordle menu, you can do so by clicking the graph icon in the upper right corner of the page or by selecting it from the list that appears after each problem has been completed.

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