How to Proceed When Your Xbox Controller Not Connecting


It’s a common question among Xbox One owners to learn how to link their controller to the console. Quite a few of them are curious about this because their controller isn’t working properly. Games are out of the question because their controller won’t pair.

It’s possible that this problem will irritate you to no end. Your gaming system’s controller is essential to its operation. You can’t engage in your silly antics any longer. What a terrible thing!

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t fret. The next post will explain how to repair the link between your controller and gamepad. With their assistance, a lot of Xbox One users were able to fix the problem and get their controllers working with their systems. More importantly, they could be able to aid you as well.

Method 1: One Technique Involves Looking at The Controller’s Status

You need to verify the controller is in good working order by checking its most fundamental settings.

  • First, verify that your controller is properly connected: Bring your wireless controller into close proximity to the machine. Make sure there are no nearby metal objects, magnetic objects, or USB or wireless devices (such as a headphone or a flash drive) that could disrupt the connection.
  • Inspect the controller’s battery life: Verify there is sufficient power in the batteries. If the batteries in your controller are dead or nearly dead, try charging them or replacing them to see if that helps.

Method 2: Re-Synchronize Your Controller

  • To resolve connection troubles with a wireless Xbox One controller, consider re-syncing the controller to the console.
  • Connecting your console.
  • The connect button on the Xbox One S is a tiny circular button on the front of the device. This is located on the other side of the Xbox One from the disc tray on all other models.
xbox controller not connecting
  • While the Xbox button is flashing, press and hold the connect button on the back of the controller. A solid light indicates that it has been re-synchronized and will appear again after a few seconds.
  • If this solution works, you should be able to restore communication between your controller and the game system.
  • For connecting your Xbox One controller to your system, all you need is a micro-USB cable.
  • Connect your controller to an Xbox through the USB cord.
  • To pair the controller with the console, press and hold the Xbox button for a few seconds.
  • Verify that your controller can establish a connection with the game system. After you’re done, you can remove the cable.

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Method 3: Restart Your Game System

  • If you want to force a full reboot of your console, you should power cycle it. Some console corruption problems may be resolved, and the controller connection may be restored. In order to restart the system:
  • Hold the Xbox button down until the system powers down fully. (It may take as little as ten seconds.)
  • Power up your Xbox by pressing the power button.
  • See if your controller is compatible with the system.

Method 4: Refresh Your Controller’s Software

Incorrect or outdated controller software could be to blame. If your controller connection has been lost, you can try updating the firmware on your controller to see if it helps. As a means toward this end:

  • Plug the USB cable into the controller and the console.
  • Join Xbox Live.
  • You can access Settings by pressing the Menu button on your controller and selecting the option.
  • Pick out your Gear and Add-ons.

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  • Decide the type of controller you’re employing.
  • To update, select that option.
  • Clicking the Next button.
  • Hold off until the console has finished upgrading. Finally, test your controller to determine whether the sync issue has been resolved.
  • If the aforementioned troubleshooting steps don’t work, your controller may have hardware problems.

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