Yellowstone Season 5 Update: Actor Gil Birmingham Shared the Latest News About The Series


Season Five of Yellowstone is just around the corner, and fans are eager to find out what happens next in the show’s history. It has been speculated that Yellowstone may be moved from its customary summer slot to the fall after star Gil Birmingham stated he had not gotten scripts in an interview with E! News in April. That’s just the beginning.

Gil Birmingham, who portrays Chief Thomas Rainwater on the Paramount Network series, has given an update on the filming of season 5 of Yellowstone.

A new Yellowstone season 5 update comes from Gil Birmingham. On the Paramount Network, the actor of Comanche descent plays Chief Thomas Rainwater, the chief of the fictional Broken Rock Indian Reservation who believes the Yellowstone ranch to be stolen Native American land and attempts to reclaim it from the Dutton family, also known as Billy Black in the Twilight film series. Beyond his part on Yellowstone, Birmingham also appears with Andrew Garfield in the upcoming FX drama Under the Banner of Heaven.

About Yellowstone

Yellowstone, which debuted in 2018, focuses on the Dutton family, particularly the recently bereaved patriarch John Dutton (Academy Award winner Kevin Costner). The largest contiguous ranch in the United States is owned and operated by the Dutton family, which is based in Montana.

yellowstone season 5

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Yellowstone Dutton Ranch (also known as “the Yellowstone”), which borders the Yellowstone National Park and the Broken Rock Indian Reservation, is continuously under attack from outside interests and land developers. There will be two seven-episode volumes of Yellowstone’s fifth season, which will air in the spring and fall of 2015.

What E! News Reported About Yellowstone Update?

While promoting his new show with Garfield, Birmingham gave a tidbit about pre-production for the fifth season of Yellowstone, E! reported. According to the celebrity, the cast has yet to get the fifth season scripts. After Birmingham couldn’t say anything more about the well-known Western, Garfield took over because he’d “never seen Yellowstone” and couldn’t ruin anything. The following is what they had to say:

As far as I know, the scripts haven’t even arrived yet.

You have to be quiet, Garfield, even though I know he’s getting ready to do the following season. Unless he dies, he’ll keep quiet about the upcoming season.

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Everyone associated with Yellowstone, from director Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water, Wind River) to star Kevin Costner, had no idea that the slow-burning Western would become a box office smash. One of the most popular shows on TV now has a loyal following eagerly anticipating news about the next season. Yellowstone season 5 appears to be a long time away, based on Birmingham’s recent comments.

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When Will The Yellowstone Air?

Yellowstone prequel 1883, which is currently airing on Paramount+, is a welcome distraction for the time being. In addition, there will be a follow-up series, 1932, which will follow the Dutton family’s ancestors in the year of the title.

yellowstone season 5 latest update

Although the original series will always hold the most appeal, Paramount is clearly committed to expanding the Yellowstone universe in every way it can (including another spinoff called 6666). In November 2022, the earliest that Yellowstone season 5 will air is because the cast has not yet received scripts.

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