10 Most Dangerous Places In Montana 2024:Be Cautious!


Beyond the picturesque landscapes and outdoor adventures, Montana harbors a less-discussed aspect – some cities that RoadSnacks has identified as the most dangerous places in the state for 2024. Before you double-check your locks and consider self-defense measures, delve into the insights offered by the recent crime report, shedding light on the 10 locales where caution may be paramount. It’s a revelation that might surprise even the most vigilant Montanans.

Most Dangerous Places in Montana (Photo from Southwest Journal)
Most Dangerous Places in Montana (Photo from Southwest Journal)

Digging into the Data

RoadSnacks conducted an in-depth analysis, scrutinizing the FBI’s latest crime report to pinpoint the 10 most dangerous places in Montana. Examining both violent and property crime statistics for 31 cities with populations exceeding 2,000, the findings suggest that while Montana’s crime rates aren’t the nation’s highest, there’s room for improvement.

Dispelling the notion that issues are concentrated solely in major cities like Billings and Missoula, the report reveals a nuanced distribution of concerns across the state. Montana, often admired for its vast landscapes, grapples with ensuring safety in various communities prompting considerations for potential solutions such as increased police presence, surveillance systems or enhanced drug rehabilitation programs.

While Montana may not hold a spot among the top ten most dangerous states nationwide the highlighted locales demand attention. The report poses questions about potential strategies for improvement leaving Montanans pondering whether a larger police force more surveillance cameras or enhanced rehabilitation programs are the keys to addressing the challenges outlined. For those contemplating life-altering decisions, a perusal of the list of Montana’s most dangerous places is strongly advised.

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Let’s Explore 10 Most Dangerous Places in Montana

Billings, situated in Montana, is known for its natural beauty and cultural attractions but holds the title of the most dangerous places in Montana due to high property crime rates including 14 homicides in the past year.

Ronan City, with a small population of 2,141, ranks as the second most dangerous places in Montana due to its disturbingly high per-capita crime rates, including 66 property crimes and 20 violent crimes reported in one year.

Helena, the political capital of Montana, unfortunately, holds the title for the state’s capital of rape, reporting 50 rapes in one year among its population of 33,629, along with 216 violent crimes and 1,227 property crimes.

Polson, located in the Flathead Indian Reservation, faces significant safety issues, ranking as the fourth most dangerous places in Montana with 164 property crimes and 36 violent crimes reported in one year.

Havre, a town in north-central Montana, has escalating property and violent crime rates reporting 57 assaults in the past year among its population of 9,820.

Cut Bank, despite being a small town with 3,075 inhabitants, is the most perilous place in the state, reporting 23 violent incidents and 78 property crimes, making it the most crime-ridden city in Montana.

Great Falls, with a population of 58,345, has the highest rate of property crime in Montana, reporting 2,999 property crimes annually, making it the second most crime-ridden city in the state.

Missoula, one of Montana’s larger cities with 76,468 residents, faces challenges with one of the highest murder rates, recording 4 murders and 376 violent crimes in one year.

Wolf Point, located on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, has one of the state’s highest violent crime rates, reporting 33 violent crimes in a year among its population of 2,744.

East Helena, a small town near the capital, ranks as one of Montana’s most hazardous locations, reporting 50 property crimes and 10 violent crimes in one year among its population of 2,113, making it more dangerous than cities with larger populations.

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