2024’s Most Dangerous Cities in Wisconsin

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Safety isn’t guaranteed anymore in Wisconsin. Cities in the cheese and football state are now plagued by crime.

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Most Dangerous Cities in Wisconsin

We examined the FBI’s newest crime report from 137 cities to find the facts. Wisconsin’s crime rate is above the national average, but some cities have worrisome rates.

Despite popular belief, crime is not limited to Milwaukee and Madison. Even smaller communities like Beloit and Brown Deer are deadly in Wisconsin. Despite its small population, Beloit has significant violent and property crime rates. Brown Deer, a small community near Milwaukee, has several property and car thefts.

The state’s largest city, Milwaukee, has the most violent offenses. Living there is difficult due to high murder rates and frequent burglaries. Rice Lake, a minor Barron County city, has rape and property crime issues.

Due to its high population density, La Crosse, a trading hub, has crime. West Allis, a Milwaukee suburb, has many violent and property crimes, so people should be cautious.

In Madison, Wisconsin’s capital, burglaries threaten citizens. Eau Claire, known for its clean waters, has a high burglary rate, making it unsafe.

Property crimes are common in Grand Chute, near Appleton, making it a dangerous location to reside. Hudson, a developing Minneapolis suburb, experiences property crimes.

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Safety Tips in a Danger Zone

Wisconsin is attractive despite safety issues. Explore lush parks and bustling cities. However, visitors should be cautious. Always tell loved ones of trip plans, pack for the weather, avoid exchanging critical information on public Wi-Fi, blend in with natives, and stay alert.

Wisconsin prioritizes safety, therefore recognizing risks is essential for making decisions. Visitors and residents can safely travel the state’s different landscapes by being cautious and following safety tips.

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