Unveiling the Most Dangerous Cities in Idaho: Danger Zone in 2024


Idaho is attractive due to its scenery and outdoor activities, yet not all regions are safe. Some are the most dangerous cities in Idaho and have greater crime rates and safety issues while being one of the safest states. Considering where to settle requires understanding these areas.

Most dangerous cities in Idaho you need to avoid (Photo from Southwest Journal)

Danger Zone: Most Dangerous Cities in Idaho

Garden City is Idaho’s most deadly. It has a high violent crime rate, including drug trafficking and gangs. Both violent and property crime rates are high in Pocatello due to drug usage, homelessness, and poverty.

Boise, however, is safer than neighboring Idaho cities. Boise, the state’s largest city, has lower crime rates than the state and nation. This is largely due to proactive policing and public data dashboards from the Boise Police Department.

Staffing and resource allocation concerns plague Idaho law enforcement, especially in high-crime cities. Public safety is being improved by community policing and monitoring despite these challenges.

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Stay Safe in Idaho: Most Dangerous Cities in Idaho Crime Rates

Researching area crime rates, staying educated, and practicing basic safety practices are crucial for prospective Idaho residents. Knowing crime patterns and joining community safety programs can help you live safely in Idaho.

Jerome, Sandpoint, and Coeur d’Alene have high property crime rates. Making informed decisions about visiting or settling in Idaho requires understanding crime statistics and prominent crime variables.

There are many attractions and outdoor activities, yet it has the most dangerous cities in Idaho. Idaho residents and visitors may enjoy its attractions safely by remaining educated and taking measures.

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