10 Best Things To Do In Pelham: Let’s Explore!

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Pelham is a place for visitors wanting to explore trails, museums,  parks, and tourist attractions. Let’s explore the 10 best things and activities to do in Pelham!

Best Things To Do In Pelham: Let’s Explore!
Best Things To Do In Pelham: Let’s Explore! (Photo: Yelp)


10 Best Things to Do in Pelham

  1. Oak Mountain State Park- is the largest state park in Alabama, Oak Mountain, Pelham. It’s a great place for worship, swimming, or a picnic with family and friends.
  2. Alabama Wildlife Center-A Pelham state park inside Oak Mountain and the Alabama Wildlife Center, and the best place where you can walk, cycle, fish, and camp with nature.
  3. Blue Water Park- is a 27-acre quarry oasis in the heart of Pelham that offers a scuba diving destination.
  4. Oak Mountain Amphitheatre- the largest outdoor music venue where some biggest names in the music world performed in Pelham.
  5. Peavine Falls- is one of the natural attractions in Pelham, and it’s an incredible place for photographers.

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  1. Alabama Wine Trail- The closest winery to Pelham is Corbin Farms Winery 9 miles away.
  2. Hoover Metropolitan Complex- is a place for baseball, football, soccer, and concert stadium.
  3. Ballantrae Golf Club- one of the most affordable and nicest public golf courses in Pelham.
  4. Visit Helena- Founded in 1877 in Pelham, this charming city was named after the wife of a railroad worker.
  5. The Beer Hog- If you enjoy craft beers during your vacation, hang out at The Beer Hog in Pelham. You must mingle with locals and enjoy craft beers in the heart of Pelham.

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