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Fact-Checking Policy

The proliferation of false information on the web makes it all the more important that we verify all claims. When reporting on a controversial subject, it is our primary priority to ensure that our readers aren’t offended.

To ensure precision in all of Our writing

The confidence of one’s readers or viewers is the most important asset of any media outlet. The only way to earn and keep people’s trust is to cover the news in a way that is accurate, fair, and balanced. It is essential that We maintain a high level of effort to guarantee the accuracy of all of Our content. In our view, “due accuracy” refers to the precision that is not simply up to par with what is expected, but is also substantively satisfying.

However, the rigor with which one must verify details in soft stories versus hard stories varies. For example, a favorable story praising the work of an NGO would require a different set of sources than an investigative piece would.

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