Degas Sculpture In National Gallery Smeared By Paint, Climate Activist Charged.

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After Smearing A Sculpture Of 19th Century French Artist Edgar Degas’ The “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen”, Two Climate Activists Will Face Federal Charged And Taken To Custody On Friday.


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Degas Sculpture In National Gallery Smeared By Paint, Climate Activist Charged. (Photo: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association)


Activists Destroyed Artwork Exhibit to Send a Message about Climate Change.

Timothy Martin and Joanna Smith, surrendered after for smearing the renowned sculpture of Edgar Degas’ the “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen” at Washington D.C’s National Gallery of art, they were now in police custody and faces charges. Martin and Smith was able to enter the museum along with other conspirator and damaging the exhibits.

They smuggled the paint put inside the plastic water bottle and had their companions took videos while they destroy the glass case of the 143-year-old. They even informed the media sector and took photos of them smearing the artwork. The staff were forced to move the sculpture for repair that will take 10 days and cost $2,400.


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FBI are investigating the incident; the charges will take 5 years in prison and $250,000 fine. Declare Emergency said that they want to send a message about climate change, further stated that they understand the importance of art but the climate change is most urgent. Two parents were also terrified on the climate change and worried about the future of all the children. Climate change is a national issue as it affects everyone, floods, drought, famine that will cause chaos and destruction will affect us all.


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