A Sunday Affair Review – Female Friendships Can Conquer the World

Female friendships can conquer the world, according to a review of A Sunday Affair that initially published on Ready Steady Cut.

The review of the A Sunday Affair Netflix movie from 2023 does not contain any spoilers.

Because of a man named Sunday, the movie about healthy female friendships that begins as a deceitful tale is transformed (Oris Erhuero). Men are prone to becoming avaricious when they are unsure of what they want, and this character is a shining illustration of how not to behave.

Because of how much love and light are exchanged between Toyin (Dakore Akande) and Uche (Nse Ikpe-Etim), two of the most powerful female friendships in this film, carry the entire picture. Anyone’s life may become chaotic with just one man and a secret, and co-authors Darrel Bristow-Bovey and Negest Likk weave a riveting tale with these women.

A Sunday Affair Review and Plot Summary

Uche and Toyin, two best friends, find up falling in love with the same man in the movie (Sunday). He is an extremely attractive suitable bachelor with flaws. According to the IMDB narrative, a love triangle develops as the women aren’t aware that they are dating the same man.

Uche initially meets Sunday, but he feels that she isn’t the kind of person who should be in a love relationship and should just be someone on the side. He’s married already, and after spending the day with Uche, he runs into Toyin on the train. As a result, Sunday is now married and pursuing two women. The two childhood best friends are overjoyed with their new connection, but they keep the identity of the man to themselves so as not to jeopardise it.

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Because of Sunday’s choices and what transpires in the lives of the women, the plot grows more complicated as it progresses. As they approach closer to Sunday on their terms, the women form a group but are forced to keep telling each other lies.

Is the 2023 Movie a Sunday Affair Any Good?

The way some incidents are distributed throughout the movie makes the tale interesting. The audience is aware of everything that occurs between them, which is advantageous since it makes the spectator feel virtually involved in the controversy. You are kept guessing who Sunday will wind up with, which keeps you interested until the very end.

The performances, however, lacked substance, and the connection between the couples was weak. Although there were instances when it resembled a soap opera, the plot keeps everything in place.

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The women’s support of one another is more moving and endearing than their individual ties with Sunday. It’s fascinating to observe how the dynamic constantly shifts when fresh information is added. The characters wind themselves in strange situations to keep you engaged even though it can be a little boring at times. Even though the finale is painful, it demonstrates how much love women can have for one another and how that matters more than having a relationship with any male.

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