Review Score of 80 for Brady: An Emotional and Clumsy Comedy

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A review of the overly sentimental and clumsy comedy post80 for Brady first appeared on Ready Steady Cut.

We give a spoiler-free review of the movie 80 for Brady.

Tom Brady would never have been involved in such an overly romantic, bordering on cloying, and as phony as-they-come comedy under Bill Belichick’s watch. The brand-new comedy 80 for Brady is a part of a growing subgenre of movies about the wandering muumuus’ sisterhood.

movies like Book Club (I’m still baffled as to how this movie had a sequel approved) and Poms from 2019. Studios cater to seniors on sale days for the audience during midday shows as a result of the baby boomer generation. I must say that 80 for Brady is more entertaining than those movies. But this is just a sentimental movie you watch with your mother on Mother’s Day.

80 for Brady Review and Plot Summary

The story of four best friends is followed throughout the movie. They are all elderly women in their 80s. (Well, one of them does remind them that she is still 75 years old and vibrant. All of them are ardent New England Patriots supporters.

More specifically, “Hot Quarterback Sunday,” as my wife likes to refer to it, as these seasoned women hunger for Tom Brady They are not to a fault. In the Boston area, polydipsia over the man affects every person of whatever age. Why are these women such GOAT devotees? Or perhaps I should ask, why should you or I care?

Review Score of 80 for Brady: An Emotional and Clumsy Comedy

It’s because sixteen years ago, Lou (Lily Tomlin) was through chemotherapy. These friends looked after her at the time. Trish (Jane Fonda), the former “Mayflower” girl-turned-romance author, her wealthy widower Maura (Rita Moreno), and the statistics professor Betty (Sally Field) are all at the house to see Drew Bledsoe nearly pass away after being hit by New York Jets linebacker Mo Lewis. He was joined by a young, attractive, and modest rookie quarterback. Tom Brady was that person (played you guessed it, Tom Brady). These Golden Girls attribute Lou’s inspiration and perseverance in saving her life to the golden boy.

When the postgame broadcast of the AFC Championship victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers airs, the group watches it. The show’s hosts, Alex Moffat and Michael O’Malley are giving away four tickets to the 2018 Super Bowl.

The sole caveat? The winner will be the one who calls in and tells the greatest reason why they deserve the tickets. Lou phones and wins the tickets since she doesn’t want to spend the remaining time before seeing her lover Tom.

Unbelievably, 80 for Brady is based on the real-life love of four older women for all things GOAT and Patriot football. Kyle Marvin, who is directing his first feature film, used a script by Sarah Haskins and Emily Halpern, who collaborated on it.

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Yes, the same group behind one of the best coming-of-age movies in recent memory, Booksmart. One would expect that these two would have put their own unique perspective on the recent influx of Golden Girl comedies given the way they penned such a heartwarming, factitious, quick-witted, ultra-cool, and brutal comedy. The fact that they didn’t leave one perplexed.

For starters, the movie has a narrative that is incredibly basic and devoid of any depth. Where Haskins and Halpern previously excelled—an issue with most movies about people over 60—has inexplicably disappeared from them here. Their story is a far more inclusive comedy.

Review Score of 80 for Brady: An Emotional and Clumsy Comedy

Why is it that when it comes to a movie of the senior sort, they are cardboard cutouts, but we may concentrate on and optimize a young person’s feelings and pains to produce a well-rounded, three-dimensional character?

You have Fonda’s flirtatious romantic Trish. You have the fiery, feisty Maura from Moreno. Not to be forgotten is Field’s stiff, intelligent character. The character’s goals and regrets should be slowly revealed in a road trip comedy, however, they are barely touched upon in this instance.

The movie also errs on a few little points in the timeline of football. The most obvious was the fact that the Patriots, not the Steelers, faced off in the conference championship game. I will give them credit, however, for at least correctly identifying the best comeback in NFL history.

The movie had a few humorous moments, I’ll admit. In one of the funnier situations in the film, Field rejects Matt Lauria, a former Friday Night Light. The most frequent chuckles in the movie come from Moreno, who frequently appears in the most ridiculous scenarios.

Yet it was a bit puzzling to cast Guy Fieri in such a broad role. You’ll also see how Brady’s personal life and Lou’s battle with illness are related. In 2017, his mother underwent her own treatment. That didn’t escape me and does add some much-needed dimension to the movie.

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Is the movie 80 for Brady good?

I have no doubt that Brady and Patriot football will appeal to particular demographics, such as elderly adults. Marvin’s film is too wide to be anything more than a dull and predictable comedy outing, despite the fact that it does have some funny moments. Too many distractions are caused by the weak content and awkward delivery for it to be truly pleasant.

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