Review of Squared Love All Over Again – Dishonest and Too Sentimental

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Disingenuous and overly romantic review of Squared Love All Over Again first posted on Ready Steady Cut.

We give our spoiler-free assessment of the 2023 Netflix movie Squared Love All Over Again, which was directed by Filip Zylber.

Make aromantic comedy properly if you’re going to do it. or at the very least, with some flair. The Netflix romance film in Polish Squared Love All Over Againis a shoddy effort that appears to have been lifted directly from the autumn USA Network schedule. The movie’s straightforward approach comes out as hollow and dishonest because of how sweet it is—just like most politicians.

Squared Love All Over Again Review and Plot Summary

Squared Love All Over Again Review: What a Waste of Time! | Leisurebyte

Monika (Adrianna Chlebicka) and Enzo’s comeback story is continued in Squared Love All Over Again (Mateusz Banasiuk). When they go back from their holiday, Monika has become a style icon. Many magazine covers feature her. She can be found in any magazine or article that accepts cash, credit cards, or even even bitcoin.

Regarding his star reporter/billboard model, Enzo senses the tide shifting. Enzo doesn’t handle it well, just like every other guy who dated Jennifer Aniston before Brad Pitt. His status as Jacek’s (Krzysztof Czeczot) preferred client has changed. Now that title belongs to Monika.

She doesn’t want it at all. Monika only wants to teach her class, but it’s getting in the way because of her presence. Because she is now a celebrity, all the parents want her to teach their children, but the school principal believes she is a distraction (but not really, more on that later).

She is called on a major talk show that enjoys exposing guests for their greatest faults in order to promote her newfound fame. The presenter is Rafal (Mikolaj Roznerski), and Monika handles him well despite being a true piece of work. So much so that unless he can get Monika to co-host the programme with him, his boss intends to fire him from a new kid’s show (like America’s Got Talent).

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As previously said, Squared Love All Over Again is the follow-up to the unexpected streaming sensation Squared Love from 2021.

The sequel from director Filip Zylber is equally foolish and uninspired as the original. One problem is that the writing is confusingly inconsistent, with characters like the principal changing their attitudes and personalities more quickly than in All About Eve. Enzo and Monika’s interactions are forced and lack natural chemistry. Despite the fact that he is now broke and jobless, he finds it incomprehensible why she works so late and so diligently.

Is Squared Love all Over Again Good?

In the first place, the scenario surrounding Rafal’s fervent desire for a kid’s show, as if the executive was putting a man on such a program, would be devastating. The idea of the show is then demeaning to the audience. Monika is the only person there to speak out against the judge, who is so heartless that he makes fun of kids in front of them. The network cannot conduct focus groups since, in addition to intentionally injuring a dog in a script, it is against the law to amuse youngsters by disparaging them.

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Squared Love All Over Again shows no regard for the viewership. For instance, even though we know where the forced potential romance between Monika and Rafal is going, it should be the movie’s secret weapon. The story point and disclosure are given up on too quickly, and the latter payoffs are only mildly grati

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