Stromboli (2022) Review – An Insightful Story About Womanhood

Review of Stromboli (2022): A wise tale about femininity first posted on Ready Steady Cut.

There are no spoilers in our review of the Stromboli (2022) movie from Netflix.

A humorous movie about heartbreak and recreating yourself, Stromboli. Sara returns to the island where her daughter was born following a divorce. She cherishes this new beginning even as she recalls all the enjoyable times she had.

Sara gains knowledge from each of the interesting people she encounters along the road and adjusts to a new way of life. She gains new insights and, in essence, a fresh start from this retreat, which aids her in getting through this trying moment.

To rid themselves from their past selves, many people need to start over, flee, or try something new.

Stromboli Review and Plot Summary

The story of Stromboli centers on a newly divorced woman who signed up for a retreat titled “From Fear to Love” on the volcanic island of Stromboli in Italy. She is then forced to face the traumatic past she has been attempting to flee. While on this retreat, she makes every effort to divert her attention from her problems, but no matter what she does, her history always comes back to haunt her.

It’s encouraging to see a woman in the foreground attempting to overcome her past by moving forward and experimenting with new things. Her daughter and her husband are connected to the island. She makes an effort to savour her time on the island, but memories keep coming back. Elise Schaap is giving a challenging performance because she must control her emotions while interacting with others on the island.

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She is even reminded of her life as a young adult and later, her daughter, when she encounters young girls on the island. She no longer feels attractive, and the guys on the island don’t treat her with the respect she deserves.

Is Stromboli Good?

The movie Stromboli, which stars Sara (Schaap), explores this new phase of her life and demonstrates the complexity of parenthood and gender, is good. Although it is a little choppy, it demonstrates how disordered her thinking is and how much her existence on this island is disintegrating.

Stromboli (2022) Review - an insightful story about womanhood

She can’t seem to have a single nice thing happen to her on the island as things just keep going wrong for her. She seemed to be worn out from everyone and everything. The journey Sara takes the viewer on is an interesting one because as the movie progresses, they get to know her more and learn more about her past.

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She makes some unusual decisions as she discovers this new side of herself after the divorce and discovers that she has more of a free spirit than she had previously believed. She meets numerous men on the island who alter her perception on romantic relationships and men in general. This movie examines Sara and her abilities a great deal on her own.

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