Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me Review – a Heartbreaking Romantic Drama About Choosing the Right Person

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We give a spoiler-free review of the 2023 Netflix movie Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me, which was directed by Robert Wichrowski.

Relationships can occasionally be difficult to maintain, and love itself can be confusing. There will always be that one who got away, and occasionally they make a surprise appearance in your life. This is the basis of temptation.

When people claim to be past a relationship, there may still be feelings associated with it that they carry with them. Someone who has shared personal moments with another person cannot ever truly be over them, which also applies to relationships.

You can express feelings for someone without being exclusive with them. All kinds of intimacy and connection might eventually tear down barriers we weren’t even aware we had erected.

Tonight You’re Sleeping with Me Review and Plot Summary

Review: Tonight You're Sleeping With Me (2023), on Netflix

An unfaithful husband and an ex-boyfriend who was too young for her at the time are the two options presented to a married woman in Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me. Nina’s husband does all he wants without ever taking into account her needs, leading to a passionless marriage. Nina feels as though she no longer own anything of her own. She has the titles of mother, wife, and daughter, but she does not identify as a woman. She no longer recognises herself, and she is becoming increasingly uneasy. She runs into her younger ex-boyfriend from years ago as she heads to work at her local magazine, and all those emotions come flooding back.

She is unable to stop dwelling on the past, but how could she when her spouse scarcely acknowledges her? She recalls what love should feel like when she collaborates with her ex-boyfriend. With him, she feels more at ease and like herself than she has in a long time. She becomes more aware that she can’t be with her husband as they become closer. As her husband decides to travel to Iceland by himself one day, Nina begins to spend more time with her ex and begins an affair with him. She missed those emotions, but more than that, she missed the person she used to be.

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Nonetheless, this movie examines the choices that women must make in terms of relationships. Finding the right partner to ensure your future is usually more important than finding someone you genuinely love and want to marry. Because of this, many people who claim they settle for a marriage or don’t marry for love experience many problems in their union, making it challenging for them in the long run. You could even find it tough to determine whether Nina made the correct decision after watching this.

Is the 2023 movie Tonight You’re Sleeping With Me good?

A powerful love drama that examines female agency and relationships is tonight you’re sleeping with me. Women are frequently stigmatised and under pressure to act morally upright, thus showing emotion over a relationship is seen as a sign of weakness. In this movie, Nina’s love for her ex-husband is more passionate and tense than she ever was with her husband. Even while the slow burn is always enjoyable, Nina makes the grief more palpable.

She is forced to make a decision between the stability of her family, which she unintentionally built, or true love. In the end, our lives are largely composed of our decisions, and we must learn to accept them. Along with co-writers Anna Janyska and Anna Szczypczynska, director Robert Wichrowski crafted a potent movie about a woman who is stuck in a life that has been predetermined for her.

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The film is brought together by a scene between Nina and her mother near the end. Women from two generations can converse about which path to take and still grasp what love and relationships mean. It was challenging for Nina, as it is for all women who have lost that one true love and attempt to recapture it after the fact.

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