Best and Scariest Horror Movies of 2023

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Check out this list of the Greatest and Scariest Horror Movies of 2023 if you enjoy the macabre. Throughout the year, this list will be often updated.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good horror film? There is nothing more enjoyable than entering a theatre in the dead of night, knowing that you will spend the next two hours on the edge of your seat, fearing the worse. We will use Rotten Tomatoes to rate the top horror films of 2023 throughout the year. The top horror film of 2023 will be announced at the conclusion of the year after we continue to update the list.

2023 appears to be another fantastic year for the horror genre if the remaining months are considered. I can’t wait to see what ranks first, from the most recent installments of Scream, Evil Dead Rising, Insidious, and Saw to The Boogeman and the sequel to The Exorcist (the greatest horror film ever made).

March 3, 2023, last updated.

Best and Scariest Horror Movies of 2023 so far

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6. Knock At The Cabin

Mixed reviews greeted the early 2023 release of M. Night Shyamalan’s return to the world of twisted horror. Knock at the Cabin is a superbly produced thriller with satisfying flaws to pick at and debate, according to RSC critic M.N. Miller.

Official Plot:A girl and her parents are kidnapped while on vacation by armed strangers who demand that they decide how to stop the end of the world.

Cast: Nikki Amuka-Bird, Ben Aldridge, Jonathan Groff, and Dave Bautista

5. Skinamarink

The movie Skinamarink is the most contentious one of 2023. Despite receiving a 71% rating from critics, the movie only received a 44% rating from viewers. One of those scary movies that you either love or loathe, it seems.

Official Premise: Two youngsters discover their father missing and all the windows and doors in their house have disappeared when they awaken in the middle of the night.

Cast: Ross Paul, Jaime Hill, Dali Rose Tetreault, Lucas Paul

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4. Sick

A brand-new psychological horror movie based on the pandemic was written by Kevin Williamson, the author of the original Scream. The movie received a staggering 86% on Rotten Tomatoes, with Williamson attracting new viewers.

Official Summary: In response to the pandemic, Parker and her best friend decide to isolate at the lake house owned by their family by themselves, or so they believe.

Cast: Jane Adams, Bethlehem Million, Gideon Adlon, and Dylan Sprayberry

3. Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool, a film from the deranged mind of Brandon Cronenberg, made its debut at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. As a result of the movie’s extreme twists, frights, and weirdness, an NC-17 rating had to be removed before it could be released in theatres.

Official Premise: A deadly accident reveals the resort’s bizarre subculture of hedonistic tourism, reckless violence, and surreal horrors as James and Em Foster are on an all-inclusive beach vacation on the imaginary island of La Tolqa.

Cast: Thomas Kretschmann, Mia Goth, Cleopatra Coleman, Alexander Skarsg rd

2. M3GAN

M3GAN, 2023’s take on Chucky, danced onto the scene to start the year. Soon after the film’s tremendous box office debut, a sequel was approved because of its success. It’s absurd to believe that a doll can still evoke the frights, but many people were reluctant to see this in a theatre.

Official Summary: M3GAN is an artificial intelligence marvel that has been designed to be both a parent’s and child’s best friend.

Cast: Brian Jordan Alvarez, Violet McGraw, Ronny Chieng, Allison Williams

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1. Huesera: The Bone Woman

The top horror film of the year to date is Huesera: The Bone Lady. The fun part of these lists is discovering hidden treasures that either you or I may not be aware of.

Official Summary: Valeria has long desired having children. She anticipates being thrilled after finding out she’s pregnant, but something’s off.

Cast: Mayra Batalla, Mercedes Hernandez, Alfonso Dosal, and Natalie Solian

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