2023 Federal Benefits Set to Shrink Following Budget Cuts, Work Requirements

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The 2023 federal benefits are set to shrink due to budget cuts and the new work requirements.

2023 federal benefits
The 2023 federal benefits are set to shrink due to budget cuts and work requirements. (Photo: Yahoo News Singapore)

Budget Cuts on 2023 Federal Benefits Will Affect Millions of Recipients

Some programs implemented during the pandemic are now bound to expire due to stricter requirements and budget cuts proposed by the Republicans and the Biden administration.

As reported by Huff Post, the approval of the budget cuts for the 2023 federal benefits will mostly affect Medicaid and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients. Millions of individuals will lose coverage if they fail to meet the new requirements.

Furthermore, the proposed raise in the debt ceiling will allow the government to cut the benefits of Medicaid and SNAP recipients.

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2023 Federal Benefits Are Already Shrinking

Although Congress has yet to decide if they will approve strict rules to the requirements for the benefits, the 2023 federal benefits are already shrinking, and Medicaid and SNAP recipients are experiencing the losses of their coverage and benefits.

There were already over 16 million families who had their SNAP monthly checks reduced from $295 to $23 despite facing stricter work requirements that require recipients without dependents to work for 20 hours every week to retain their health coverage.

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