2023 revisions to Social Security Supplemental Income — Within weeks, millions will receive an all-new $914 payout

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Recipients of Social Security Supplemental Income can anticipate receiving a fresh check in a few weeks, which could total up to $914.

The federal payment for single recipients is $914, while the benefit for married recipients is $1,371. However, certain recipients may get a greater payment because of state supplement programs.

According to their earnings and living situation, recipients get a specific amount.

Since July 1 was a Saturday, beneficiaries got two checks in June.

On August 1, an additional payment is expected.

Taxes contributed to the system form a fund from which Social Security benefits are drawn.

The general funds of the US Treasury are used to provide SSI benefits.

Most states allow SSI beneficiaries to receive Medicaid, which assists with paying for medical expenses and other healthcare expenses.

People who get SSI benefits, as opposed to individuals who get Social Security benefits, may be qualified for food help.

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