$3000 Colorado Incentives for Ex-Prisoners If They Follow the Program


A new Colorado Incentives bill would help ex-convicts financially. These individuals could get up to $3,000 from the state to cover living expenses under this legislation. The catch: recipients must enroll in development programs to obtain work and stay out of the criminal court system for months.

New Colorado Incentives Bill for ex-prisoners who will stay on the program (SB24-012) (Photo from The Salt Lake Tribune)

Colorado Incentives Program Faces Department of Corrections Scrutiny

SB24-012, a two-year initiative, maybe the largest in the nation and benefit thousands. Advocates believe Colorado Incentives will be a leader in aiding ex-offenders. The Department of Corrections raised concerns during the bill’s first hearing.

The Department of Corrections has opposed the Colorado Incentives bill for its restricted language, which might limit the grants program administrator. The bill appears to favor only one nonprofit, the Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO), which runs the Colorado Incentives program into a smaller pilot program with private funds.

Some officials are skeptical, but Demetrius Somerville, who received support from the CEO’s pilot program, is optimistic about these funds’ possibilities. Former collegiate basketball player Somerville, whose career was sidetracked by legal troubles, says that the Colorado Incentives as financial support he got helped him buy a car and find work.

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Colorado Incentives Bill Faces Criticism Amid Hope for Ex-Offender Support Program

The proposed law would boost state reentry support spending, potentially helping thousands of ex-offenders. Proponents say the program could reduce recidivism and save money, despite high initial expenses. All Democrats who sponsored the bill stress the significance of comprehensive support for ex-offenders.

The bill’s potential duplication of services and large financial commitment have worried critics, including the Department of Corrections and conservative commentator Cory Gaines. Some dispute whether the $3,000 Colorado Incentives grant is proportional to the program’s intended impact.

Sen. Julie Gonzales has requested a voting postponement to address hearing issues, threatening the bill’s fate. This act may affect the state’s approach to aiding reentering citizens and influence similar efforts in other places.

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