$6,000 to Be Sent To Americans, Here’s Why!

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Americans across the country are about to receive a new payment worth $6,000 if they meet the criteria set by the government.

$6,000 New Payment

Millions of Americans are still wondering if there will be another stimulus check or 4th round of payments. Even though the odds of not having this are very high, there are still other ways that Americans will have extra money this tax season.

In a published article in The U.S. Sun, Americans can get an amount of up to $6,000 if they installed solar panels in their homes during the tax last year. Moreover, they can also claim a tax deduction worth 30% of the total investment homeowners made.

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Solar Tax Credit
$6,000 Solar Tax Credit to be Sent to Americans. (Photo: Getty)

How To Become Eligible?

According to an article published in MARCA, the new round of payment covers the following:

  • Solar panels or PV cells
  • Solar water heaters
  • Energy storage devices with a capacity of 3 kWh or more
  • Contractor labor expenses, including site preparation, assembly or initial installation
  • Permit fees
  • Inspection costs
  • Developer fees

Furthermore, the solar tax credit is not just limited to solar panels but this is also for other types of renewable energy projects undertaken by homeowners. It is also very important to note that they need to follow the guidelines.

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