Allstate Insurance Settlement: $90 Million Agreement Reached to Resolve Stock Manipulation Lawsuit

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Allstate Insurance has agreed to a $90 million settlement to resolve a lawsuit accusing the company of stock manipulation.

Allstate Insurance Settlement
Allstate Insurance Settlement ( Photo: Crain’s Chicago Business )

The Allstate insurance settlement, which addresses allegations of false statements and omissions during a specific period, could provide compensation to eligible investors who purchased Allstate stock

Those who qualify in the Allstate insurance settlement may receive approximately 66 cents per damaged share, pending court approval of Class Counsel’s Fee and Expense Application, which could lower the compensation to about 46 cents per share. Eligible individuals must submit a claim form online by the February 8, 2024 deadline, along with personal details and account information associated with their Allstate stock transactions. The deadline to object to the Allstate insurance settlement is November 28, and a final court hearing is scheduled for December 19.

In addition to the Allstate insurance settlement, other opportunities for compensation are available to eligible individuals. Point Park University, accused of breaching a contract during the transition to remote learning, may provide funds to students who paid tuition or fees after March 12, 2020, for the spring semester that year. Class members should have received notification by mail or email, and payments will be distributed automatically.

Cash Express, LLC, a personal finance company, is offering a settlement for a data breach affecting class action members between January 29, 2022, and February 6, 2022

Those who qualify in the Allstate insurance settlement can claim up to $5,275 by filing a claim online before the November 1, 2023 deadline. Lastly, today marks the final opportunity for Americans to file a claim in Albertson’s $1 million settlement, related to alleged violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. Most class members may receive a $670 award. For more news on related topics, three million Americans are still awaiting stimulus payments of up to $1,400, with three direct payments scheduled for this month.


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