Anti-Business Measures in California: Push for New Regulations and Costs Puts Job Creators at Risk

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The Anti-business bills, dubbed “job killers” by the California Chamber of Commerce, are seen as a response to the lingering impacts of COVID-19 on the economy.

Anti-Business Measures in California
Anti-Business Measures in California ( Photo: NPR )

Anti-business measures are being pushed by California’s Democratic-controlled Legislature, raising concerns about the state’s private-sector workers and job creators

One such bill, Anti-business Senate Bill 616, seeks to extend mandatory sick days from three to seven, citing the need to prevent the spread of diseases like COVID-19. However, opponents argue that this will only burden small businesses already struggling to recover from pandemic-related financial losses and inflation.

Another controversial proposal, Anti-business Assembly Bill 518, aims to expand paid family leave to include individuals considered “chosen family,” with no legal or biological relationship, potentially leading to excessive claims on paid time off. Further, Anti-business Senate Bill 627 targets chain businesses by requiring them to provide a 60-day notice to workers before closing a location, potentially discouraging business openings.

A minimum wage hike to $25 per hour for healthcare workers by 2025, proposed in Senate Bill 525, is also criticized for potentially inflating healthcare costs and eliminating jobs, rather than improving workers’ overall conditions

Governor Gavin Newsom‘s claim of a booming economy is met with skepticism, as California‘s unemployment rate remains above the national average, and layoffs in the tech industry continue to loom.

Critics argue Anti-business that instead of imposing more regulations on businesses, lawmakers should focus on creating a favorable climate for economic growth, encouraging job creation, and reducing the regulatory burden.


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