ARPA-H Cancer Moonshot Launched To Help Improve Cancer Outcomes In Washington


An ARPA-H cancer moonshot was launched to help improve cancer outcomes in Washington.

President Joe Biden
An ARPA-H cancer moonshot was launched to help improve cancer outcomes in Washington. (Photo: The White House)

Biden Administration Introduces ARPA-H Cancer Moonshot to Help in Developing Better Cancer Treatment

Biden administration introduced the ARPA-H cancer moonshot to help in providing better cancer treatment, wherein the ARPA-H cancer moonshot advances how doctors will determine cancerous cells to give better results for cancer patients faster.

Under the ARPA-H cancer moonshot, patients will be able to cope with the struggles while battling cancer as the ARPA-H cancer moonshot will also prioritize the mental health of the cancer patients, WIZM reported.

The ARPA-H cancer moonshot will improve the treatments for cancer patients through investing in different tools that will help doctors treat and save their patients, which are some of the objectives of the ARPA-H cancer moonshot amidst the increasing number of cancer patients.

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ARPA-H Cancer Moonshot Opens Call for Ideas and Other Research Objectives to Improve Cancer Outcomes

Following the introduction of the ARPA-H cancer moonshot, the Biden administration opened a call for ideas and research objectives to help improve cancer outcomes and help them meet the goals of the program.

The ARPA-H cancer moonshot might have been risky and impossible for others, but the administration is taking the risk to make the impossible possible by saving more lives, AP News reported.

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