Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday Begins in Central Florida

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With less than three weeks left before most kids head back to the classrooms, the state has implemented a tax-free period on school supplies that will run until August 6.

Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday Begins
Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday Begins ( Photo: Yahoo News )

Central Florida is gearing up for the highly anticipated “back-to-school sales tax holiday” which kicked off today

This year brings a notable change, as there will be not one, but two back-to-school sales tax holidays. During this roughly two-week period, stores are prohibited from charging sales tax on a wide range of qualifying items, providing much-needed relief to parents and students alike.

Among the items covered by this back-to-school sales tax holiday exemption are clothing and shoes priced under $100 per item, school supplies such as pencils, scissors, notebooks, binders, and calculators, as well as computers with a price tag under $1,500. Additionally, various technology-related products like printers, flash drives, memory cards, storage drives, and headphones, including earbuds, will also enjoy a sales tax exemption.

It is important to note that the back-to-school sales tax holiday benefit does not extend to items purchased inside theme parks or at airports

As Central Florida gears up for the back-to-school sales tax holiday rush, families can take advantage of these back-to-school sales tax holiday breaks to save money on essential items for the upcoming academic year. Moreover, there’s even more reason to celebrate, as a second back-to-school sales tax holiday is scheduled for January, offering another opportunity for savings on educational necessities.

Parents and students are encouraged to plan their shopping wisely and make the most of these tax-free periods to make the back-to-school sales tax holiday season a little lighter on their wallets. With the back-to-school sales tax holiday now in full swing, it’s time to start preparing for the new school year without the added burden of taxes on essential supplies.


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