Biden Admin Proposes Deepened Fee Cuts for Wind and Solar Projects on Federal Land

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Under the proposed rules, project fees for these initiatives will be significantly reduced. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which issued guidance last year to attract solar and wind projects, plans to deepen the fee cuts from approximately 50% to around 80%.

Wind and Solar Projects
Wind and Solar Projects ( Photo: Yahoo News )

The Biden administration is set to introduce new regulations aimed at promoting investment in wind and solar projects on federal land

Tracy Stone-Manning, the Director of BLM, emphasized the crucial role of public lands in the clean energy transition and highlighted that the proposed rule aligns with President Biden’s commitment to building a clean energy economy, addressing climate change, enhancing energy security, and generating jobs across the nation.

The Department of the Interior (DOI), overseeing BLM, has a congressional mandate to offer 25 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy permits on federal lands by 2025. Currently, BLM is evaluating 74 renewable energy projects that could contribute approximately 37 GW to the national electric grid.

DOI is considering further reductions in fees for projects utilizing American-made equipment or employing union labor

Although President Biden has faced criticism from environmentalists regarding his approval of oil and gas projects, his administration has implemented measures to block drilling on millions of acres of federal land and restrict mining activities. However, critics argue that these mining limitations undermine the administration’s objectives of promoting domestic green manufacturing and energy initiatives while reducing reliance on China for essential minerals.

In recent weeks, DOI officials have been engaging with oil industry representatives and environmental organizations to discuss upcoming regulations concerning oil and gas drilling on federal lands. Both interest groups anticipate stricter rules compared to the existing regulations.


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