Biden Wants Obamacare to be Availed by Immigrants


President Biden wants to amend Obamacare to give DACA recipients the rights to have proper care even with or without legal status. Simply put, the Obama administration chose not to enforce immigration laws against this group of immigrants. It goes without saying that Congress has never taken any official step to provide DACA recipients legal status, and the program has been the target of legal challenges ever since Obama first took unilateral action.


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Biden want Obamacare to be availed by Immigrants (Photo: NBC News)

Obamacare for Immigrants

President Obama said in a joint session of Congress that it is not true that the reform in National Health-care package will secure to immigrants, wherein the Republican Representative Joe Willson yelled at him and said he lied.

President Biden wants to show that Wilson is right about the decree. Due to the high volume of immigrants, mostly minors, that entered illegally, Obama decided to stop implementing the immigration rules against these people. Biden plans on taking administrative action to make DACA recipient eligible for Medicaid and Obamacare.  the recipients were never given the legal status since Obama carried it out through an executive order.

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Obamacare limits only to those who are legal citizens, Obama centers for Medicare and Medicaid doesn’t cater immigrants because they lack legal status thus makes them ineligible.  The White House said in a statement that the Department of Health and Human Services will propose an amendment for “lawful presence” as stated by the rule. The administration targets the implementing of this by the end of the month because as the saying goes, “everyday counts.” The Biden Administration wants to put the emphasis on the DACA to the court that will put pressure to the Congress to execute the once rejected Dream Act.

Bidens Well-Known Practice

Biden is well-known for his practice in pacify the electorate while deprecating any legal barrier coming from the Supreme Court. Some of these are his student loan forgiveness program, the large-employer vaccine mandate, and the moratorium on evictions.

The secretary of Health and Human Services was in-charge of Obamacare and it is clearly not for the DACA recipients. Its as if saying that they’re too naive for trusting us.

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