Biden’s $1.2 billion student loan forgiveness, according to Governor Noem, is regarding “buying votes” to win reelection

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Over 150,000 borrowers had their $1.2 billion in student loan debt forgiven by President Biden, however, the announcement drew criticism. On “FOX & Friends” on Thursday, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem contended that the administration’s most recent moves are just another instance of Biden “buying votes” to secure reelection.

He’s buying votes, says Kristin Noem. He’s doing precisely that. It is highly hypocritical of him to declare he loves this country while continuing to collect debt and give money away to get reelection. This is his timing to act on what he has been threatening to do for a long time. I hope everyone in America understands that our nation continues to spend more money than it brings in.

Thus, when he engages in such behavior, he is effectively taking funds from China and disbursing them to individuals in exchange for their support and a chance to retake the White House and extend his rule.

Thus, with all of the border difficulties, our national security, and the skyrocketing cost of petrol and groceries, Americans have woken up to the worst of the worst. People are having a difficult time right now, and the president is oblivious to the situation as it is.

According to a White House announcement on Wednesday, over 150,000 students had their $1.2 billion in student loan debt canceled by Biden faster than imagined.

Biden has triggered a Savings on Valuable Education (SAVE) scheme policy that removes debt for registered borrowers who are in repayment for a minimum of 10 years and carry $12,000 or less in student loan debt. This executive action was initially scheduled for July.

After one more year of funds for every extra $1,000 borrowed, those with bigger debts will be eligible for relief.

Lacking a single act of Congress, President Biden has now legally erased approximately $138 billion in federal student loan debt for roughly 3.9 million borrowers. The student loan rescues follow last year’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to reject Biden’s original, over $400 billion in debt cancellation scheme.

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