Both Republicans and Democrats believe that Social Security change is necessary- But they disagree on how


When Washington legislators created the latest bipartisan indication to increase the debt ceiling, they hesitated from discussing Social Security.

But as Congress begins to review government spending, the program can come under investigation.

Following the debt limit agreement, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, stated to Fox News, “This is the initial move,” announcing he intended to create a bipartisan committee.

According to McCarthy, required spending—such as Social Security, Medicare, as well as interest on the debt—is “the primary source of the budget” and was not discussed throughout the talks to raise the debt ceiling.

Creating a commission to examine Social Security is not an innovative idea. A group headed by Alan Greenspan, who would eventually hold the position of chairman of the Federal Reserve, released an analysis in 1983 that created the foundation for Social Security legislation.

Congress has been putting off social security changes for years. However, the trustees of the program’s most recent estimations reveal that the issue has become more critical.

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