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A recent federal investment amounting to $107 million was provided to the state of Delaware to address issues of internet connectivity. With this fund, Delawareans can experience high-speed internet at an affordable price. Communities and low-income families struggling for access will have the chance to receive Delaware’s affordable Internet connectivity program as long as they qualify.

High-Speed Internet access is given to struggling communities via Delaware’s Affordable Internet Connectivity Program

 Here’s what we know about the affordable Internet connectivity program

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On June 26, the funding investment to Delaware was announced. The said investment comes through the Biden-Harris administration’s Affordable Internet Program which aims to bridge the growing digital divide by providing internet services to areas that need attention at a discounted price. It also aligns with Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that seeks to address inequities that Black Americans and other underserved communities are facing both systematically and environmentally.

With this affordable Internet connectivity program, qualified families can get a monthly discount of $30 on internet services or even upgrade to much faster internet speeds. Some families might have to pay zero-balance bills on their internet services, according to Delaware Online.

Affordable Internet Connectivity Program follows the Delaware Rural Broadband Expansion / Delaware Public Media


ArcGIS Online mentions that the funds from  American Rescue Plan and the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment Program, has helped Delaware’s broadband expansion to reach 6,000 locations and helped 4,848 houses to access better internet in their homes. The attempts by Delaware Governor, John Carney and other leaders has shown positive results and feedback from all the residents. With this new federal aid, we should expect a larger scope and reach in its programs to provide better internet connection for everyone.

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Why is this investment significant?

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed almost all aspects of Americans’ daily life, be it at school or work. Home internet access has become a necessity to keep us informed globally. Along with its rising significance, digital technologies have created a digital divide in America’s rural, urban, and suburban areas. According to a result of the study employed by Pew Research Center, there are places that have been ignored by internet service providers particularly in western Kent and Sussex counties.

With the help of the investment, Delaware can provide affordable internet connectivity programs to residents who need internet access the most. and bridge the growing digital divide. Help us spread this good news.

Men set up and install broadband high-speed internet Wifi routers. Telecommunications and digital network technology

Are you interested? Check if you qualify!

In approximation, more than 140,000 Delaware households are qualified for the affordable internet connectivity program. For faster transactions and resident enrollment in the affordable internet connectivity program, state leaders and a nonprofit organization, Education Superhighway, created a tool to aid Delawareans in checking for their eligibility.

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