Business Owners Urge President Biden To Expand Permission For Migrants To Work In Florida Amidst Labor Shortages


Business owners urged President Joe Biden to expand the permission for migrant workers in Florida amidst labor shortages.

Florida Migrant Workers
Business owners urged President Joe Biden to expand the permission for migrants to work in Florida amidst labor shortages. (Photo: Yahoo News)

Business Owners in Florida Call to Expand Immigration Permits for Migrants to Work Following Labor Shortages

With the increasing labor shortages in Florida, business owners urged the Biden administration to expand immigration permits for migrants to work longer in various industries.

According to business owners who joined the call for the expansion of the permit, migrants have been a great help in filling the positions of manual labor in different industries, including agriculture, as the Americans did not want to work as farmers.

Following the efforts of other officials to prevent migrants from working in the state, business owners claimed that instead of preventing them, the migrants’ permission to work in Florida should be expanded because they helped address labor shortages.

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Florida Governor Plan to Resettle Migrants Away from Florida Despite Calls of Business Owners to Expand Their Permission to Work

Several business owners revealed that losing migrant workers in various industries has resulted in labor shortages in the state despite the high number of job openings and opportunities, Miami Herald reported.

Despite the calls of business owners to expand the permission for migrants to work in Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis remained to his decision of planning to keep the migrants out of the state.

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