California Climate Change Policies deemed impractical – survey reveals

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Governor Gavin Newsom’s California Climate Change Policies were never mentioned even once during his tour of the Southern States. This might be  brought about by a survey from two free-market advocacy organizations – The American Energy Alliance and Committee to Unleash Prosperity. The said survey  published its recent result with an approximate number of 1,000 respondents. Providing awareness to the public’s opinion about California Climate Change Policies and how they really don’t want it.

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According to an article on The Hill, the survey showed great disparity between what the voters wanted and what Newsom’s administration is implementing in regards to California Climate Change Policies. In fact, in an open-ended question in the survey, most people considered inflation and economy as the most pressing issue in the U.S. not even recognizing the urgency of  climate change. 

Only 30% of the respondents agreed to let the federal government decide whether which car shall be mandated to buy or not. However, when asked whether they will let the State of California decide on such matters, a staggering 82% deemed it disapproving.  A vivid reflection that the people that Newsom is supposed to be representing do not feel to join him in this fight the way he thought they would be. 

80% of the respondents believe that consumers have the right to choose which car to purchase. 


On the other hand, I believe that Americans, particularly those from California, are already made aware of the impractical complications that California’s Climate Change Policies have on America’s energy consumption, financial stability, and economy.


Impractical Implications of  California Climate Change Policies

In recent times, California is facing more frequent power outages that may hinder the 2035 state’s proposed aggressive ban on the sale of non-electric cars, one of the projects under California Climate Change Policies. With California’s ranking as one of the states with the highest rates of electricity cost, towering the national average of over 70%, consumers will think twice about purchasing electric cars since most of them prefer affordable gasoline-powered cars based on recent gas prices from AAA.

Man’s hand holding three hundred US dollars and gas nozzle while pumping gas into a parked vehicle


In terms of economy, Stellantis, maker of Jeep, already plans to reduce the shipment of gasoline-powered cars in states that follow California Climate Change Policies


With these survey results, lawmakers should try to critically evaluate the laws that they are to implement based on different criteria, particularly the citizen’s perspective. Furthermore, The said result should also warn Newsom to change the course of his plan on California Climate Change Policies.


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