California Low-Income Families To Receive $500 Monthly Payments Under Pilot Program – Check Eligibility Here!


Eligible low-income families in California will receive $500 monthly payments following the launching of a pilot program.

California Low-Income Families
Eligible low-income families in California will receive $500 monthly payments under a pilot program. (Photo: The Sacramento Bee)

Pilot Program to Provide $500 Monthly Payments to More Than 300 Low-Income Families in California

A pilot program called Pathway to Income Equity will send $500 monthly payments to more than 300 low-income families in California, aiming to see the effects of providing guaranteed incomes to low-income families who are in need of financial assistance.

Under the guaranteed income program, low-income families in California will receive extra income, which can help them meet their basic needs amidst the burden of increasing bills, expenses, and costs of housing.

According to reports from Washington Examiner, the guaranteed $500 monthly payments will also help individuals from low-income families look for better jobs to have other sources of income besides the guaranteed income.

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Eligible Low-Income Families in California Will Receive $500 in Direct Payment from the Pilot Program

To be eligible for the $500 in direct payment from the pilot program, the applicants from low-income families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic must have at least one child aged 6 with an income below 185% federal poverty level per household.

The eligible low-income families in the pilot program will expect the $500 monthly payments every third Wednesday of the month.

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