California Rent Hikes: Will Low-Income Residents In Cheapest Cities See Drop In Rent Prices?


Low-income residents in the cheapest cities hope to see lower rent prices following ongoing California rent hikes.

California Rent Hikes
Low-income residents in the cheapest cities hope to see a drop in rent prices following California rent hikes. (Photo: KQED)

California Rent Hikes Continue Hurting Low-Income Residents in Cheapest Cities Following Pandemic

California rent hikes keep hurting low-income residents living in its cheapest cities following the impacts of the pandemic, wherein many residents who are in need were not accessing and getting affordable housing because of the ongoing California rent hikes in various cities even after the pandemic.

According to a KQED report, Bakersfield was greatly affected following the California rent hikes as many low-income residents were hurt even with only $500 California rent hikes due to low wages and other economic challenges.

With the California rent hikes, low-income residents in cities, such as Santa Maria have been calling for affordable housing as they struggle to meet their basic needs every day just to pay for their rent, which only kept increasing due to California rent hikes.

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Low-Income Residents Hope for California Rent Hikes to Stop Following Efforts to Lower Annual Rent and Providing Affordable Housing

Despite the ongoing California rent hikes, low-income residents hoped for the California rent hikes to stop following the efforts to lower the annual rent and provide affordable housing in various states.

In Sacramento, residents have expressed their support for the bill that aims to lower the annual rent from 10% to 5%, claiming it can provide them relief with the increasing California rent hikes, Cal Matters reported.

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